WOMM is composed of artists who design and tend to system/human health and wellbeing through a devised process of authentic being, creating, relating and sharing.

WOMM invites us to rethink the role of 'artist' in society as essential to the innovation and humanity we need across industries and sectors through groundbreaking projects, events, facilitation, co-creation and consultancy.

|   our inaugural project   |

artist gem collections

the following gems are collections that are for sale

all of the proceeds go directly to the artists in the collections

there are 30 artists total all from different parts of canada

our goal is to help jumpstart the post-pandemic career of these peer nominated artists
in a way is not predicated on government or corporate expectations

this projects imagines a world where artists are free to create
without the conditions of grant terms, funder expectations
or other limiting factors

these collections are designed specifically with a higher price tag to
allow fortunate members of our society to demonstrate
that they truly care about art in society
and reap a one of a kind
art experience

as a thank you.

artists are humans who dedicate their lives to inventing creative processes

as the cost of living continues to skyrocket many artists have to choose
between a life dedicated to developing and nurturing their craft
and basic needs like food and shelter

this project invites you to consider what forms of labour
are being overlooked and undervalued
by our current financial system

if you cannot purchase a collection
and you would like to work one of our artists
or attend one of our future events

please follow us on instagram @the_womm

or email us at community@thewomm.com

to explore the collections click on one of the gems below:

WOMM ltd. is a registered federal corporation in Canada