We are a World of Memory Makers

As human beings, we are memory making machines.

We remember life through, you guessed it, memories.

Therefore main currency of our planet is not money, in fact it is, memories.

This begs the question: when people think of your work, what are they remembering?

What is your team remembering?

What are your clients remembering?

What is your community remembering?

What are YOU remembering?

Wether you are a community or business leader, a visionary artist or someone who wants to make the world a little bit better, we would love to support you in making your work even more


So how are memories created?
Through genuine human connection...

that is why this website is SUPER SIMPLE...

Our work is deep, multilayered and unique

we share it with you - only if you are INTRIGUED

take the first step

and reach out to us directly and personally

email us at: community@thewomm.com

In the email you may introduce yourself and respond to the following prompt...

What have you accomplished lately that you would like be to celebrated for?

PÉZO the poet