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this collection includes all of the offerings below
made specifically for you by emerging artists:

sara rose, micha, and hani

$100k + hst
(profits are split between artists equally to help each one move one step deeper into their craft)

sara rose


sometimes i am fuelled by external inspiration
which helps to fill my creative funnel

the way i write involves taking what
comes out of the ethereal funnel

which is filled with



chord progressions


that are channeled through
my physical body

offering: a heart-opening song



exploring the human beings' predicament with being alive

digging to the root
plucking out the pit
witnessing restoration

& sharing the stories
from the scars

offering: an interactive audio book experience

bedtime & morning time stories
written for the entire family

there will be mini adventures

beauty - inner quest

& discovering the vibrant
plant kingdom of


legally blind photographer.

art through photography saved me while being in a refugee camp

and it’s been my first language since

i'm driven by inspiration and inner thoughts

collective work often boosts my creativity

imagination is the soul of my lens

offering: an original framed photo made for you and only you



i’m fascinated by spaces and places
i find that environments affect our feelings
what we think about
and how we behave

i love designing a context where we can feel immersed
in the moment
and moved
in a meaningful way

offering: a fine art framed photograph

of a slice of life moment

created at your favourite location
in the GTA

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