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moonstone collection vibes:


this collection includes all of the offerings below
made specifically for you by emerging artists:

EARTHWALKER, hunter robinson
and zahra

$100k + hst
(profits are split between artists equally to help each one move one step deeper into their craft)


vocal looping, songwriting, music performance & production

i show up to my bedroom studio
(practice & recording)
on the street

or gathering
(live improv song circles)

i begin with a single note and let the

colours & tones

of inspiration take over.

an interactive live music show

that raises the frequency of humanity
by awakening the remembrance
of our interconnectedness
to all of creation

hunter robinson

tattoos, painting and guitar lutherie

i spend my days gathering inspiration
from the beauty and culture
around me in
everyday life

living in the city provides so much aesthetic stimulation

from the concrete urban structure
to the warm brilliant artworks

made by the people within it

the combination of time-tested structure/tradition
mixed with a fresh perspective and unique twist
are what my art aims to accomplish

beauty and knowledge from the past

and inspiration for the future
offering: a tattoo, a large painting, or a custom guitar

my tattoo portfolio can be found on Instagram
along with my guitar projects
in the hi-light reel


photography and Writing

i presence myself to the beauty in simplicity

i pay attention to my dreams and thoughts
as points of inspiration

offering: a mixed media piece that has elements from your life
from birth until now

a speculation of your future
will be added as well

my goal will be to create you as an
archetype of your life

the materials i will use will be:

photography, paint, gold leafing,
poetry, fabrics, recycled materials
like metals and plastics
and paper mache



i’m fascinated by spaces and places
i find that environments affect our feelings
what we think about
and how we behave

i love designing a context where we can feel immersed
in the moment
and moved
in a meaningful way

offering: a fine art framed photograph

a slice of life moment

created at your favourite location
in the GTA

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