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this collection includes all of the offerings below
made specifically for you by emerging artists:

kathryn merriam, diana wei
and jessie golem

$100k + hst
(profits are split between artists equally to help each one move one step deeper into their craft)

kathryn merriam

songwriting & music production

i alchemize emotion into sound
drawing inspiration from
the natural world
the cosmos
& the mysteries
of our human experience

i create and record songs/soundscapes
for catharsis, reflection and inner exploration

using various instruments (mainly harp, piano and guitar)

i allow my fingers and voice to be intuitively guided
through layering words, sounds and textures
sculpting a vast sonic world to breathe into

offering: i will write an original song
inspired by your energy & essence
i will record the song in my home studio
adding layers of sounds & textures to create
an immersive, unique, deep listening experience
just for you

diana wei

drawing, tattoos, photography

i draw inspiration from nature
and my emotions

art is a tool for me

to express

to let go

to create

and to make sense
of my existence

offering: a mural or large sized mix medium drawing/painting with spoken words

jessie golem

writing, portrait photography, documentary videography, music

currently my work is concerned with storytelling
in particular, family stories

i recently produced a documentary about my grandmother
and her life story

in doing that i found a great joy in
being able to learn about her life

and connect with my own heritage

i created a timeless and priceless treasure in this film
and want to continue that work

and help to create that for other people

and other families

offering: a feature-length documentary about your family stories, and heritage

i would meet with you to understand your life
family, and story

and produce a documentary
based on our conversation



i’m fascinated by spaces and places
i find that environments affect our feelings
what we think about
and how we behave

i love designing a context where we can feel immersed
in the moment
and moved
in a meaningful way

offering: a fine art framed photograph

of a slice of life moment

created at your favourite location
in the GTA

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