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sodalite collection vibes:

and limitations

this collection includes all of the offerings below
made specifically for you by emerging artists:

miss paige, ariel sim
and lauraosburn

$100k + hst
(profits are split between artists equally to help each one move one step deeper into their craft)

miss paige

multi-award winning burlesque performer

each act has unique music, choreography, costuming
and story inspired by anything ranging
from a piece of vintage clothing



& more

all of my work is as feminist, political, and powerful

as it is glamorous, seductive, and beautiful

offering: miss paige will create a bespoke performance film
using her signature costumes
for an unforgettable

every burlesque performance is unique
a special, exclusive connection with the performer
and their audience unlike any performance past or future

burlesque breaks the 4th wall,
reaching out directly to the audience to tease and seduce

miss paige will create a glamorous and extravagant performance
short film that accomplishes this exclusive experience

ariel sim

musical artist, jazz vocalist, piano player, dancer

i often start the writing process alone

starting with a poem which then finds
a hook or melody

i often write when i am in nature
and am inspired by the sounds of the forest

i also freestyle in groups of collaborators
which often unearths hooks and melodies
that i then advance to a
full songwriting process

the completion of a song is a deeply collaborative process
with musicians and producers

offering: i will write and record you an original song

if you’d like, you can give me:

a poem
a confession
a piece of writing
or a personal story

to base it on

i'm also happy to have you be a part of the recording
- your speaking or singing voice


music, composing, producing

i translate emotions into melodies
through songwriting and composing
influenced by german and swiss culture

i also use painting and colour to evoke ideas
inside me of what kind of music to make:

a synesthesia
offering: i will take your favourite album and create a painting expressing the music
through the colours i see

alternatively i will create a piece of music about your life story
or something personal you would like to share
and base a painting around that



i’m fascinated by spaces and places
i find that environments affect our feelings
what we think about
and how we behave

i love designing a context where we can feel immersed
in the moment
and moved
in a meaningful way

offering: a fine art framed photograph

of a slice of life moment

created at your favourite location
in the GTA

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