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citrine collection vibes:


this collection includes all of the offerings below
made specifically for you by emerging artists:

fervid foks, richard garvey
and karey

$100k + hst
(profits are split between artists equally to help each one move one step deeper into their craft)

fervid foks

one of a kind bespoke art jewelry

i gather materials that lights my heart on fire
and then sit down to create a relationship
between them all

every piece is an expression
of my draw to those materials
and feelings in the moment

these pieces are created in a variety of methods

mixed media


resin and fibre art

skull adornment

and botanicals

inspired by nature, music and survival

offering: one of a kind statement chest treasury

a heart selected collection of
rose-cut precious gems
sewn together

with silver and rose gold metals
to create a sparkling second skin
over your heart

richard garvey

music, songwriting

i write songs

i sing them with people

i explore the highs and lows of



and the marbled mess of the human condition

offering: i will craft you an original song inspired by your dreams for the world

i will perform this song at a private gathering for you and your family/friends
on my next tour through your city/town

(only in canada & respecting public health orders)


art of the body

i find the next step towards expression and alignment

currently i am creating full characters of expression
using fabric paints on clothes and body paint

to express how the energy flowing through us
makes us feel
offering: i will create a personalized painted article of clothing



i’m fascinated by spaces and places
i find that environments affect our feelings
what we think about
and how we behave

i love designing a context where we can feel immersed
in the moment
and moved
in a meaningful way

offering: a fine art framed photograph

a slice of life moment

created at your favourite location
in the GTA

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